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Mutts with Manners is a 5 x class course that takes place at the A&P Showgrounds, Richmond. The course is taught by our experience instructor Michele Craven with the assistance of Joanie Benge. It is ideal as a follow-on class from puppy school and is also suitable for older dogs who need to refresh or start late with their training.

We teach sit, lay down, wait, come when called, walking nicely on the lead and some fun games. If your dog already knows the basics we will move you on to practicing around distractions like those challenging new people and other dogs.

MUTTS WITH MANNERS (5 x classes, $125 incl. GST)


11/11/19 @ 6pm

"I loved bringing my dog Oscar to Mutts with Manners class. It helped his confidence around other dogs enormously " N. Kehoe





Life Skills For Dogs is a course for dogs who have a grasp on the basics and need an opportunity to practice their training around distractions. This course is ideal for dogs who need to learn more patience in "real life" situations. Would you like your dog not to jump on people who come to your house? Join this class to learn how.

In this course we brush up on the basics and also set you some new challenges for recalling your dog, advancing your lead work and teaching your dog to "go to mat". We have some fun with tricks training too :)

This is a 5 x classes course taught by our experienced instructor Michele Craven with the assistance of Joanie Benge. Class is on Monday evening in Richmond.

LIFE SKILLS 4 DOGS (5 x classes for $125 incl. GST)

02/09/19 @7.00pm

Click to email about Life Skills 4 Dogs Class

Click to email about Life Skills 4 Dogs Class

"My dog absolutely loved Life Skills 4 Dogs Class. I brought the children along and we all learned heaps. It gave us some great ideas for activities to do with Harry at home" T. Patterson



Sniffer Dogs is a super fun class for pretty much any dog with a nose! Sniffer dog training is not just for customs or police dogs, it is also a really entertaining exercise for you and your family pet.

All breeds and ages are welcome in this class. This class is suitable for senior dogs or dogs with mobility issues and also for some reactive dogs because we work one dog at a time in the search area. This means your dog will need to be comfortable waiting in the car (just outside the door) until it is his/her turn in the search area. This class is also a great confidence builder for shy or fearful dogs.

Enquire about Sniffer Dog Classes

Enquire about Sniffer Dog Classes


Beginners Sniffers and Follow Your Sniffer Dog Class are a great introduction to sniffer dog training. Classes are in Richmond on a Monday evening and each course includes 3 x classes for $80. Michele Craven teaches both our Beginners Sniffer Dog Class and Follow Your Sniffer Dog Class with the assistance of Joanie Benge.

BEGINNERS START DATES: (3 x classes, $80 incl. GST)

FOLLOW START DATES: (3 x classes, $80 incl. GST)
14/10/19 @ 7.00pm


If you have completed the above two courses and you are keen for more sniffer fun, you can join our Super Sniffers. Every month the Super Sniffers get together for either a Sunday morning workshop or Monday evening class. Sue Walsh teaches Super Sniffer together with Michele Craven.

SUNDAY WORKSHOPS: (1 x workshop, $45 incl. GST)
15/09/19 @ 9am
06/10/19 @ 9am
03/11/19 @ 9am (Competition Time!)

MONDAY EVENING CLASSES: (2 x classes, $55 incl. GST)
19 & 26/08/19 @ 6.30pm
07/10/19 @ 6pm (Workshop on Monday evening)

Examples of training we can help with:

  • Sit, down, stand
  • Stay and wait
  • Coming when called
  • Walking nicely on the lead
  • Leave it (i.e. don't eat that!!)
  • Targeting and placement cues (go to mat!)
  • Fetch
  • Tricks

A well trained dog

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