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A Different Approach to Dog Training...

Here at Dog Almighty we love to share knowledge about dogs. Lots of dog owners have told us how difficult it can be for them to make it to weekly classes. So...we had an idea.... Through out the year we run a selection of workshops on a variety of different topics like Nose Work, Clicker Training, Pet First Aid and various other dog behaviour and training topics.

Our weekend workshops gives you quality time with your dog without having to make a weekly commitment to a class. Or if your lifestyle allows, you could compliment your class schedule with some extra practice at workshops! Take a look at what workshops are coming up below :)



This workshop is a fun way to learn more about dogs and about how they interact and communicate with each other. We will also look at the different ways that dogs play with each other and different play styles dogs can have. We will also discuss best practice in managing dogs that play inappropriately or whose play gets out of hand.


PetTECH Pet First Aid

PetTECH Pet First Aid
PetTECH Pet First Aid

Dog Almighty is now offering the outstanding Pet Tech Pet First Aid & CPR courses in the Nelson/Tasman district. Pet First Aid is a vital skill that every pet owner and pet professional should learn and practice routinely. Getting a certification in Pet First Aid and CPR will give your pet (or client's pet) the best chances of survival and recovery in an emergency.

- Practical hands-on training
- Detailed course handbook
- 8 Hour PetSaver Program
- 4 Hour Pet First Aid & CPR Program
- Certification stamp for use on marketing materials
- Ideal for groomers, kennel and cattery attendants, dog walkers, trainers or shelter staff/volunteers
- Pet Professionals - Want to book a private class for your staff? Contact us for details.

Next start date: TBC

Enquire about Pet First Aid Courses

Enquire about Pet First Aid Courses

"This is a great program! I believe that every pet owner should take this class. The more they know about their pet's care the easier their veterinarian's job will be." Dr. Peggy Fischer, DVM




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