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Truffle Hunting

A professional service by expert noses

A professional service by expert noses

Truffle farming is a growing industry in New Zealand. There are over 250 Truffle Farms nationwide today. Truffle are a valuable fungus that grow under the ground in the root system of certain trees. The expert nose of the dog is used to find the truffle when they are mature and need to be harvested.

We are lucky enough to have some of the very few working truffle dogs in New Zealand at Dog Almighty.

Rosie... is an expert at finding Black Perigord (a.k.a. Black Diamonds). Rosie, a Jack Russell X was rescued from Tasman Pound and trained to find truffle by our dog trainer Sue in sunny Motueka. With an outstanding track record and 6 seasons under her belt so far...Rosie doesn't miss a trick.

Sprocket... is our second in command and support crew for Rosie. Sprocket is also a rescue and apart from being super cute he also shows incredible talent for using his nose. Sprocket had his first season last year and we are looking forward to seeing what he can do this winter.

Blue... a third truffle ninja we have added to the Truffle Team this year. Blue is showing incredible promise and we hope he will join the others to make a powerful team of three. Blue is following in the footsteps of his big (little) sister Rosie and will be launching his Truffle Hunting career next season. Watch this space!

If you are keen to engage the services of our Truffle Team, please get in touch.

Click to email about Truffle Hunting

Click to email about Truffle Hunting


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