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Dog Almighty's Approach

Our goal is to take the stress out of being a dog owner. Dog Almighty offers a full range of dog training & behaviour options from classes to private training to boot camp for your dog. We believe in having fun with dogs and getting the best out of your furry best friend by using positive reward-based training techniques.

We will not use any force or fear when working with your dog. We can help you achieve long lasting and reliable results while also building a relationship of trust and confidence between you and your dog.

Dog Almighty supports local animal charities that work to improve the welfare and future of homeless dogs. We work closely with local dog charity Second Chance Tasman, Taman Pound Dogs and also with John Bergman of Dog Control Services in Richmond (TDC Dog Shelter).

Help for Hounds

Dog Almighty is spearheading an exciting new project for dogs called 'Help for Hounds." It is all about helping lower income families get access to dog training by giving subsidies for group classes and private training depending on what the family and their dogs needs.

What does it cover?

Under the Help for Hounds scheme owners are given discounts for the following:

- Private training and behaviour sessions
- Mutts with Manners class
- Reactive Rover class

Once you have made your application Dog Almighty will decide which service would be the best fit for you and your dog to help you achieve your training goals.

Eligibility Criteria?

The Help for Hounds scheme is to support lower income families that are struggling to meet the cost of training their dog. If you are not in this category, please do not apply! Eligibility will be decided on a case by case basis so please give details about your situation in your application. You do not necessarily need to be on governments benefits but if you are then please mention this in your application also. Also relevant would be any training you have already paid for such as puppy school or otherwise.

Owners who would like to take advantage of this low cost dog training need to download, complete and return the application form below.

Download Help for Hounds Application Form

» Download Help for Hounds Application Form «

Click to enquire about Help for Hounds

Click to enquire about Help for Hounds

"Dog Almighty truly was a blessing, aiding us to find solutions to training and exercise when we were at loss as to what to do next. Since then Lulu has transformed into a happier, obedient and loving member of our family."

R Taylor

Date   Event   Synopsis
17th Aug   Beginner Sniffer Dog, Richmond 7.30pm   Sniffer Dog Class is a fun activity for dogs and their owners. All dogs with a nose can take part :) You will learn to work as a team with your dog to find hidden treasures. See classes page for more details.
24th Aug   Mutts with Manners, Richmond 6pm   Fun group classes in Richmond for all the family. Monday evenings at 6pm. Teach your dog to be a well-mannered mutt at home and out in public. This class is ideal for beginners or as a follow on from puppy school. Some older dogs like to take this class too if they are new or making a come back to training. Come join the fun! See Classes page for details.
7th Sep   Follow Your Sniffer Dog, Richmond   This class is for doggies who have already taken our beginners Sniffer Dog Class. It takes place on a Monday evening at 7.30pm at the A&P Showgrounds in Richmond. Challenge yourself... try to keep up with your dog as they progress their sniffer dog skills. They will LOVE it. We think you will too :) See Classes page for more details.
12th Oct   Life Skills 4 Dogs, Richmond 6.00pm   This class is for dogs who have already made a start on their training and are looking for new challenges. It is a chance for you to refresh your dog's training and learn some new skills. The focus of the course is getting responsiveness from your dog around distractions, teaching your dog to have more patience in real life situations and of course having some fun too :) See Classes page for more details.

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